Updates from Day 22 on the R/V Alucia: What happens when you’re clumsy at sea

Hey everyone,

We finished up our last day of “science” yesterday! We dove and conducted benthic surveys at two different reef sites and collected water samples. Colleen “DISCO’ed” (the best time yet) and Andrew assisted. Ashlee managed to conduct a 5 minute drift – it was supposed to be much longer, but due to a miscommunication with the ship, they had to cut it shorter.

Amy and I processed the samples after lunch, I entered data, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the bow of the Alucia as we started heading west on our way back to Havana, Cuba and then to the states.

We will spend the next two days transiting back to Havana. I foresee a lot of packing and organizing in my future.

Okay- enough general updates. I wanted to discuss my general clumsiness at sea!

During this trip, I have managed to 1) slide/fall down the “Hell” stairs (the second time that I went down them FYI), 2) trip up the main stairwell ~5x that leads up to our rooms, 3) fall out of my bed (from the top bunk) and sprain my ankle (thank goodness this happened on the last day of the cruise), 4) struggle to get on the zodiac (small inflatable diving boat) from the water (see accompanying facebook/instagram picture), and 5) step into the depressions on the aft deck that are used to strap down equipment.

I would say that I have pretty good sea legs, but for some reason, I have been rather clumsy on this cruise. I guess I should be grateful that nothing worse has happened and that I sprained my ankle on the last “science” day.

A special shout out to all the members of the crew who have 1) physically pulled me out of the water and onto the zodiac and have helped me board and get off of the Northwind and back onto the deck of the Alucia.

Thanks for reading!