Updates from Day 17 on the R/V Alucia: Popular cruise catch phrases

Hey everyone,

Checking in with you again from somewhere south of Cuba! I realize I haven’t quite filled you in on what we have been doing the past two days! Recently, our days have involved lots of diving, surveying, and water sampling (Surprise/ bet you didn’t see that coming!?!). We are trying to make the most of the last few working “Science” days (count: 3) that we have until we turn around and head back to the US.

Today, I wanted to record a couple of phrases, sayings, and cruise mottos that have become important, motivational, and funny to the science team and the crew of the Alucia over the past few weeks.

“This science ain’t gonna science itself!” – Phrase coined by Mitch (of the Alucia crew). Usually said as we are loading up the Northwind and/or zodiac with all of our diving and science gear or as we are preparing to jump into the water before a dive.

“The pool is open!” – Scuba Steve’s (Alucia diving officer) way to inform the divers that they can jump into the water and begin the dive.

“DIIISSSCCCCOOO!” – What I say whenever I see the instrument. Also what I say whenever I am carrying the instrument and anyone is in my way (what I really mean is “This thing is heavy and I need you to move!”).

“Where’s your passport, Tyler?” – Tyler Tamasi and I have this running joke of making each other search frantically for our passports at random moments in time. We are both terrified of losing them!

“I want it that way.” – Amy and I belted out this phrase (and sang it within the Backstreet Boys song it belongs to) and danced to it during lab work one day. We will never be the same. A true bonding moment between advisor and graduate student!

“You owe me a beer.” – Crew members say this to Science members when they find something wrong with a scientist’s dive gear set-up or when he/she forgets some piece of equipment on the Alucia and we have to turn back around.

“Where’s Avalon?” – Avalon is the local dive guide group. They have been diving with us frequently, but they have the tendency to be late so we are always wondering where they are!

“What time is the transfer boat coming?”- Wondering when the boats that are bringing people back and forth from Cuba to our boat will get to the Alucia.

“How’s it going?”- Favorite phrase of a few select individuals on this boat.

“Is the internet working?” – Said with frequently with terrorĀ  by everyone on the boat.

Thanks for reading!

The pool is open!
Tyler, Kalina, and Ashlee loading up the Northwind!