Updates from Day 15 on the R/V Alucia: A-Z Alucia!

Hey everyone,

Here’s an A-Z list describing this cruise (and life on the Alucia) so far!

A: (Dr.) Andrew Babbin (Nitrogen expert and logo creator extraordinaire) (Dr.) Amy Apprill (my advisor, co-chief scientist on this cruise, Coral-microbe aficionado), Dr. Ashlee Lillis (reef whisperer)

B: Bubby (dive master on the Alucia crew)

C: (Dr.) Colleen Hansel (DISCO designer, superoxide advocate), Cuba, Coral

D: DISCO, Delicious food, Dark N’ Stormy

E: Elegant sunrises and sunsets

F: Filtering seawater, Flow cytometry (used to count the number of microbial cells within a sample)

G: Goliath Groupers

A goliath grouper goes for my sampling bags; PC: Amy Apprill

H: Helipad (location of nitrogen incubation experiments via Tyler and Andrew), Hydrophones (used to measure sound production on Reefs)

I: Ichthyology (study of fish)

J: Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen)

K: Kalina (MIT-WHOI PhD student, DISCO queen)

L: Leonardo Espinosa (fish survey expert and champion scuba diver), Living the Life aquatic

M: (Dr.) Maickel Armenteros (team leader, Meiofauna Master), Metabolomes, Moonlight

N: Natalie (talented chef on the Alucia), Nitrogen, Northwind (smaller dive boat)

The Northwind

O: Octocorals (prevalent on reefs in Jardines de la Reina)

P: Poker with skittles

Q: Quadrat (survey tool used to describe the distribution of plants and animals in the environment. Maickel uses a Quadrat to complete his surveys)

R: Reefs

S: Scuba diving, Salsa-dancing lessons, Stars, Superoxide production

T:Tyler Tamasi (MIT-WHOI Joint Program student; CRIB expert),  Taco Tuesday, Tiburones, Tiki-Toss game, Trichodesmium, Teamwork

U: Underwater

V: Very epic cruise, Vacuum pump (used for SPE)

W: Women in science

X: Xenial relationship between the American and Cuban scientists, the Alucia crew, and the media

Y: Yellowtail snapper

Z: Zooxanthellae (microalgae that live inside corals)

Thanks for reading!