Updates from Day 12 on the R/V Alucia: Hasta luego y te veo de nuevo pronto!

Hey everyone,

Greetings from the R/V Alucia! We had another active day of diving, sample collection, and sample processing!

Early this morning, we also parted ways with two MIT-WHOI Joint PhD program students (Kalina and Tyler) and four of our Cuban science colleagues (Victor, Fredy, Mayelin, and Lake). Over the past week, I have had the privilege to work alongside with, learn with, dive with, eat with, dance with, and live with these excellent people.

Field work is the ultimate bonding experience: on the first day of this cruise, we were all strangers, but by day 12, we are all scientific colleagues and, more importantly, friends. Needless to say, I already miss having them on board the R/V Alucia and I wish them safe travels back home!

I compiled a list to remember all of the fun memories that we now share (this is not a comprehensive list by the way):

  1. Kalina and Tyler streaming their course lectures in the submarine mission control room on deck. They were so determined to keep up with their classes while they were on this cruise. Amy, Ashlee, and I were quite impressed! They even had to take an exam during the first couple days!
  2. Kalina and her excitement for the Disco/ sitting on the floor/ lugging the beast around the back deck and the labs.
  3. The fact that Tyler has made me laugh in every single conversation I’ve ever had with him. Seriously.
  4. Mayelin (donned in a lab coat) and Lake spontaneously salsa dancing in our tiny dry lab.
  5. Dancing under the stars on the top deck (twice!).
  6. Kalina’s birthday celebrations.
  7. Group workout/ photo-shoot session on the top deck at sunset.
  8. Soy de Cienfuegos!!!
  9. Where’s your passport, Tyler?
  10. Fredy’s dancing lessons.
  11. Celebrating Halloween (and mostly marveling at Ashlee’s amazing costume).

Colleen and Andrew, Kalina and Tyler’s advisors, just joined us to finish up the cruise and I am excited to work with and learn from them! I am sure we will make some new amazing memories together!

Thanks for reading!

Fredy, Ashlee, Victor, and Tyler
Tyler, Ashlee, and Kalina right before Ashlee and Kalina departed the Alucia to do a night dive with the DISCO