Updates from Day 10 on the R/V Alucia!

Hey everyone,

We had another busy day today! Today had a similar structure to the past three days: there were two dives in the morning (coral diversity and health, benthic cover, water sampling, meiofauna (small animals that live in the reef sediments) sampling) and two dives in the afternoon (fish surveys, DISCO testing, hydrophone drifting). Amy and I spent the afternoon processing the samples that we had collected this morning.

To change up my blog content a bit, I thought I would spend some time sharing a few of my favorite macro coral pictures from the past week! This is just a small selection of coral species that I have observed on the reefs so far.

I have really enjoyed observing the beauty and diversity of corals on these Cuban reefs and I am so thankful that I get to experience this beautiful ecosystem first hand. There really is nothing like it!

Montastraea cavernosa
Orbicella faveolata
Diploria labyrinthiformis
Dendrogyra cylindrus

Thanks for reading!