Updates from Day 8 on the R/V Alucia – A Day in the Life on the Alucia

Hey everyone,

For those of you who are curious about what a day looks like for me on the Alucia, here is a breakdown!

6:00 am – Wake up, get dive equipment ready and prepare for diving, and prepare for water sampling at two sites (17 bottles of various sizes and a Niskin bottle).

7:15 am – breakfast time! Pancakes, savory cornbread, fruit (delicious)!

7:45 am – load the smaller boat with our dive equipment, sampling gear, and divers

Scuba gear!

8:20 am – Jump into the water at the first site, conduct benthic cover surveys, and collect coral tissue samples. Everyone really enjoyed this site – beautiful reef topography, large coral colonies and sponges, and high fish abundance compared to the other sites.

9:40 am – Amy and I sample water at our first dive site and then we take the boat over to our second site and sample water there. We also wait a little bit longer to complete our surface interval before diving at the second site.

10:30 am – Jump into the water at the second site, conduct benthic cover surveys, and collect more coral tissue samples. I also collected a sample of reef-depth water with the Niskin bottle so I can study the chemistry of the seawater. Tyler named the Niskin bottle “NisKing” and said I was the “NisQueen”. We enjoyed diving on this site too!

11:30 am – Ascend to the surface, collect surface water samples, and drive the dive boat back to the Alucia.

12:00 pm – Get back to the Alucia, remove our dive gear and equipment from the dive boat, place large coolers containing samples in the lab, take a quick shower, and eat lunch (DIY gourmet sandwiches).

1:00 pm – Filter and process samples and clean bottles. Amy and I listen to music to entertain ourselves. Today we listened to some “Greatest hits from the 80’s” and a Karaoke album (with some great songs)!

5:00 pm – Enjoy some time on the Helipad with Amy, Tyler, Ashlee, and Kalina

5:45 pm – Watch Kalina cut her hair without a mirror. She did a great job!

Haircut by Kalina

6:15 pm – Eat delicious pizza on the back of the boat and watch the sunset

Early evening on the back of the ship!

7:30 pm – Label cryovial tubes for tomorrow

8:30 pm – Write this blog post!

Thanks for reading!





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