About Reef Motif

Eyes on a Caribbean Reef, Laura Weber, 2017; pastels, colored pencils

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder what life looks like for young scientists and scientists-in-training?” Do you ever find yourself feeling disconnected from the scientific community? Or are you a student who is thinking about pursuing a career in science and is curious about graduate school?

If you have, then this space -Reef Motif -will be a good place for you! I am carving out this little niche on the inter-webs to 1) communicate coral reef science and 2) help make my science more relatable. To help dissolve the divide between scientists and the public by assembling a community of people (scientists, friends of scientists, mothers of scientists, you . . . etc) with shared interests (whether it be in corals, microbiology, travel .  . .) in an effort to generate discussion.

When I started as an MIT-WHOI graduate student in summer of 2014, I was amazed and captivated by the experiments I was conducting and the knowledge that I was learning, but was frustrated that I struggled in communicating these ideas to my friends, family, and even other scientists outside of my field. To help me practice my communication skills and chronicle my scientific journey, I decided to start this blog!

From my posts, you will get a window into my life as a rising woman scientist in the natural sciences. You will receive an education about what I do (my motivation behind the research and the methods that I use to collect, analyze, and communicate that research), exposure to pictures and artwork of corals and coral reefs, *hopefully* some entertainment, highlights from my travels, enthusiastic discussions about cool things in science, and access to the occasional baking recipe.

Stay tuned to this blog if this all sounds interesting to you. And if not, thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed your time here!